Etc. Gallery

Web-based narrative experiments

By Galen Beebe and John West

Watch This Space

In the age of big data, when advertisers know more about you than you know about yourself, there are certain personal experiences that aren’t being tracked. In response to the drive to record every detail of every action a person takes, we are focusing on what remains untouched, starting with the most intimate: the kiss. Through careful scrutiny of her memories and journals, Galen has collected data for her first kiss with every person she’s kissed—from their biographical information to how much she enjoyed it—which John transformed into interactive graphs for you to manipulate. The result is an infographic, an experimental narrative, and a digital performance piece rolled into one.

Visit our Kickstarter to help us host this site for the next year, create printed versions of Kiss List, and throw a launch party here in Chicago. Support us in reaching our goal by January 3rd, 2014!

About us

Etc. Gallery is a collaboration between Chicago-based creators Galen Beebe and John West.

Galen Beebe is a writer and visual artist. She has a BA in English and Creative Writing from Oberlin College and has worked with arts education organizations such as 826CHI, Girls Rock Chicago, and Ag47. Although she most often refers to herself as a poet, her work is neither defined nor confined by traditional genre distinctions. Some of her more recent works can be found in Hypocrite Reader’s Issue 26 and Issue 30.

John West is a writer, coder, and musician. He has a BA in Philosophy and a Performance Degree in Historical Performance from Oberlin College and Conservatory and currently works as a web developer for the online magazine Quartz. You can read some of his work in Hypocrite Reader’s Issue 31 or at his website.


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