About Etc. Gallery

Etc. Gallery is an artistic collaboration, digital gallery, and press. Etc. Gallery was founded by Galen Beebe and John West in 2013 to be a home for web-, paper-, and experience-based narrative experiments and has since grown to include collaborators from around the United States.

About Us


Galen Beebe

Galen Beebe is a writer and visual artist. Although she most often refers to herself as a poet, her work is neither defined nor confined by traditional genre distinctions. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Writing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Keep up with Galen at thesebonesarealright.tumblr.com and translatefacebook.tumblr.com. Read more in Hypocrite Reader’s Issue 26 and Issue 30.

John West

John West is a writer, coder, and musician. He has a BA in Philosophy and a Performance Degree in Historical Performance from Oberlin College and Conservatory and currently works as a web developer for the online magazine Quartz. You can read some of his work in Hypocrite Reader’s Issue 31, at his website, or on his Medium page.


Fontaine Capel

Lauren Clark

Gabe Isman

About this Site

This site was coded with love by John West, and features the fonts Source Sans Pro and Engravers MT. It uses Backbone.js. Stop using Internet Explorer.

About Contacting Us

info[at]etc-gallery.com. Also, Facebook.


Etc. Gallery is a collaboration.
Etc. Gallery is based in Chicago.
Etc. Gallery makes narrative experiments.
Etc. Gallery has its feet in many ponds.
Etc. Gallery is nonfiction.
Etc. Gallery shakes form.
Etc. Gallery is undefined.
Etc. Gallery is whatever we think of next.
Etc. Gallery is always growing.
Etc. Gallery houses everything and the rest of it.

This statement is subject to change without warning.